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“There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.” -Jill Churchill

Hi, I’m Crystal, and I used to be an Elementary Teacher who had friends and a social life. Then MOTHERHOOD happened.

In March 2008, I married my college sweetheart, ok more like the hot college guy that I held onto because I knew he was a great catch. But also my sweetheart. 🙂


Here we are YOUNG and in love, and completely unaware of how our lives would change come June 2009 when our son Tyler was born. He was perfect in every way.

baby tyler

Shortly thereafter we brought home another bundle of joy, Kenzie (October 2010). By shortly, I mean 16 months later. The day of Kenzie’s birth we joked with the nurses about how it wasn’t but just last year that we were here in the same hospital giving birth to our son.

40900_808573165953_2243086_n 66375_808572182923_6342306_n

Since the birth of Kenzie, life hasn’t been the same. It’s one thing to care of one kid, but to take care of two it can be a bit of a challenge especially when they are so close in age. Life with two kids takes some time to adjust, but just like everything in life, you get better with practice.

Although I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I learned pretty early on that motherhood is not all Hallmark moments. As with anything in life though, it’s all about your perspective. I try my best to look at the brighter side of everything. Tyler might tell you I have a passion for doing laundry and dishes; however, I find enjoyment from crafting, fitness, drinking a nice glass of wine, and doing anything that’s going to make me laugh.


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